Problem set 5 for ASTR 221: Stars and Planets

Due Friday Nov 7 at 5pm.

Kutner Problems P2.3, P2.5 (this gives a commonly used approximation: if stellar brightness differs by 0.01 mag, this is roughly 1%), P2.13, P2.14, P2.19

Kutner Computer Problem C2.2 Hint: simplify the equation before you type it into your plotting code.

Kutner problems P3.17 (look at Figure 3.11), P3.18 (assume that the apparent magnitude is in the V band), P3.19 (use Figure 3.11 again).

Give the spectral type of the following spectra, by comparing to the spectral type examples in class notes. For each spectrum write a sentence explaining which features caused you to make this classification.

(a) and (b):

(c) and (d):

(e) and (f):