Astronomical Images

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Spitzer Space Telescope images of Low Surface Brightness galaxies

Cycle 7 3.6 and 4.5 micron images of low surface brightness galaxies.

K'-band NEWFIRM images of LSB galaxies
Schombert, Kuzio, & Zagursky 2009

F561-1, F563-V1, D564-9, and D570-7
NEWFIRM QRP, Swaters et al.

B, V, and Halpha
Zagursky & McGaugh 2008

Spiral Galaxy NGC 628

NGC 1068

UGC 2885

NGC 772

LSB galaxy F549-1

LSB galaxy F674-V1

Some Nice Images Obtained at Kitt Peak
Kuzio de Naray & McGaugh 2004

Spiral Galaxy NGC 6946

NGC 7129

Dumbbell Nebula (red)

Dumbbell Nebula (blue)

HII Region SH2187B