Dwarf Galaxies on the Shoulders of Giants

A workshop to be held 5-8 June 2017, hosted by the
Department of Astronomy
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Organizers: Stacy McGaugh, Federico Lelli, Marcel Pawlowski, Benoit Famaey
Contact: dwarfs2017@astronomy.case.edu

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Conference events:
Sunday June 4, 7:30-9:30 PM: Reception, Glidden House (drinks & snacks)
Tuesday, June 6: Banquet, 7:30 PM: L 'Albatros, 11401 Bellflower Road


Dwarf galaxies
Dwarf Satellite Galaxies
Tidal Dwarf Galaxies
Environmental Effects

Dark Matter
Small Scale Tests of ΛCDM
Galaxy Formation Simulations
Prospects for Dark Matter Detection
Other Ideas (WDM, SIDM, superfluid DM, MOND)
Intent: We will bring together scientists with diverse perspectives for discussion of topics related to dwarf galaxies and the dark matter problem. The program will be informal, with room for all who wish to speak and plenty of time for informal discussion.

Motivation: The field of dwarf galaxy research has expanded dramatically with the discovery of low surface brightness galaxies in the Local Group and the field. This workshop will convene experts to discuss the nature of dwarf galaxies generally, with special attention to dwarf satellite galaxies and tidal dwarf galaxies formed during the encounters of giant galaxies. We will debate the implications these objects have for galaxy formation theory, the small scale problems of ΛCDM, and tests of alternative forms of dark matter and modified gravity theories.

with generous support from the John Templeton Foundation